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I first met Kelly at a wedding fair, having been to a few fairs with my mum and bridesmaids seeing various different dress designers & shops, there was only person that stood out for me and that was Kelly. Straight away you could tell what a truly lovely lady she was & how talented she really was! Kelly and her mum (who was helping at the fair) were both really friendly offering helpful genuine advise without being pushy.


Before getting engaged, I always thought I would love going to different shops & trying beautiful dresses on, however I did not feel like this, when it came to it, I felt the shops just wanted a sale and would tell you every dress suited you and basically telling you what you wanted to hear. I personally felt there was a lack of personal touch from my experience.


I couldn't of asked for anything more from Kelly, when I first visited her at her studio, I had my own ideas with one of them being a long dress for the day and a short dress at night to dance in! Straight away Kelly took my ideas on board but also offered advise and guidance on different materials, which buttons, the type of lace. Our first consultation lasted 3 hours with no pressure to commit to a dress, Kelly just wanted to make sure she could make the dress (or dresses!) I had my heart set on!


The personal touch was never ending and truly made my wedding dress experience one I will treasure forever. A great example of this includes Kelly meeting me in London to shop for bridesmaid material. Kelly was visiting friends in London and I was there at the same time, she offered to meet me and choose material for dresses she wasn't even making! (One of my lovely friends had already got that job!)


If you are currently undecided what to do about your dress then I couldn't recommend my experience enough. Kelly was very flexible with dress fittings, if you wanted additional ones, not a problem, there was never any rush, it was all in my own time when I was comfortable with every decision. Kelly also made me a bespoke head piece matching my belt, I also had changes to my belt to reflect my obsession with pearls! My mum also had a dress made by KMR with lovely memories like me.


Thanks again Kelly, I couldn't have done it without you and your dresses made me look like the bride I was on our very special day.


Gemma Prince, Bride


Gemma Prince's bespoke wedding gown. Photographs courtesy of Winskill Photography©


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